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Re: Do fans want the prime timeline back? Part 2: Poll edition.

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it did have a greater sense of been out there and that a great distance lay between in most of the episodes ...
TOS (more than the others) really captured the feeling that they were out there in the darkness.

That what I thought when watching and every-time since when watching the TOS.

Personally I have always felt that Star Trek should be on TV.. to be able to tell the broadest scope story telling.

I have only watched the first Abramstrek movie and that was enough for me and as "Bigjake" said "badly-written" that goes for me too.

once I was discussing my thoughts of Star Trek to a friend, I made few observations between each generation
of the show.

The TOS era was more like the era of tall ships 1700s to the late 1800s, Captain James Cook or from literature Captain Hornblower who Kirk was modelled on, for the most part weeks, months or years out of touch depending on the mission and the Captain was the man or woman that had to make the big decisions.

The TNG era was more contemporary like any modern ships Captain that can be in contact with a home base very quickly and easily.

One of the aspects I never liked but learned to accept was the 3 seats in the command area of the bridge on TNG era ships. for me that was a mistake, the Center seat should be alone to reinforce the loneliness of command for who ever is sitting in it.

that's my view anyway
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