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Re: TF: Peaceable Kingdoms by Dayton Ward Review Thread (Spoilers!)

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Maybe have a divide between the hawkish war types and the peaceable types. Show it escalating within starfleet, the council and the politicians running for president. It reaches a point where the federation is starting to crack, maybe people expect a civil war, then somehow Picard brings it back ... Something grand, epic, an ending worthy of a five novel series.
Whilst I agree about many of the book's problems, I think this idea feels too hyperbolic - I don't think I could ever believe a civil war could occur in the Federation. At least not as the Federation is presented in the Pocket Books of the past decade or so (nor certainly as presented on television). Such a plot development would really require more than five books to reach that point.

But I do wish we had seen more of varied points-of-view - such as Ro's hawkish stance in the earlier novels. Who were these hawks (other than compromised characters like Velk, Ishan and the SSec Admiral)? Some of the recap conversations also changed aspects of characterisation in the prior books in sometimes unfortunate ways, making opponent characters akin to the more cliche villains seen in Poisoned Chalice and Peaceable Kingdoms. One example is the captain of the Warspite, who seemed to have changed from the overzealous hawk of A Ceremony of Losses into a potential conspirator in a conversation between Akaar and Riker (as in directly compared with Bashir's assassin). This is though Akaar knew in Losses that Unverzagt was receiving direct communications from the President in an official, if unconventional and (for him) frustrating, manner. However that change of tone regarding such characters I guess really occurred in Chalice?
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