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Re: Watching ENT despite the continuity flaws.

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I'm no fan of TATV either. ( Worst. Episode. Evah.) If I was inclined to have a "personal canon", Enterprise would end with "Terra Prime", but creator intent trumps personal canon, so I have to accept TATV as canonical.
But canons often disregard individual parts of themselves. "The Alternative Factor" treated antimatter and dilithium in a way that contradicted what prior episodes had established, and it was ignored by all subsequent episodes. The Final Frontier's quick jaunt to the center of the galaxy was ignored by TNG, DS9, and VGR, which all assumed it would take decades to cover such distances via warp drive. "Threshold" was explicitly renounced and decanonized by its own writer.

Canon is fiction, not fact. It's the pretense of a consistent reality, but since it's still a story being told, it's flexible. It can make mistakes and it can correct or ignore those mistakes later on.

So canon does not require you to accept every last episode, every last line, as indisputable fact. No canon does that with itself, so there's no reason why we should have to. A canon is a story that people are telling you, and it's a story you tell yourself. On both levels, there is choice involved. You choose, just as they do, how to fit the disparate and conflicting details into an overall narrative, and sometimes that means just ignoring some of the details. And that is creator intent, because it's the intent of just about any creator to keep tweaking and refining a creation as long as possible.
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