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Re: Watching ENT despite the continuity flaws.

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Watch the Youtube videos in my signature. Enterprise certainly hasn't got the monopoly on continuity errors. The entire Trek saga is packed with HUGE universe-breakers (like the difference in warp speeds between TOS and Voyager)

IMO, if the errors (most of which were deliberate changes) ruin it for you, you're watching Trek wrong. Because you're not gonna have any fun!
As far as warp factors go there is no controversy. In "Journey to Babel" that Orion ship was going warp 10. It was speculated that other than life support, since they would not be returning home they could attain such velocity by using all energy reserves. 24th century warp theory said that warp 10 is infinite velocity because the rapid folding of space would give the ship an inertia at such a high magnitude that there wouldn't be enough stopping power to exit warp 10. That theory was broken several times in TOS, TNG and VOY. The theory however had not been theorized yet during TOS. Theories are plausible and when outside intelligence is involved it's all possible because their technological advances were not documented by the federation e.g. The Kelvans, kalandans, and NOMAD. That's just in TOS canon. TNG had the traveler and Voyager had the Nacene among others. It's the unknown clause/ loophole and that is not comparable to ENT's continuity flaws.

I suggest you read Star Trek: Memory Prime(No.42). There is a point where Scotty is giving a tour of the engine room to Nobel and Zee-Magnees prize nominees. Someone argues that science may one day create trilythium and he counters by pointing out that they still haven't created DiSodium. Then gives a thorough lecture on accelerator fields and warp factors. Give it a read and correct thine error.
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