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Re: MLB Offseason 2013-2014

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Oh, what the hell.
Jack Morris - I remember him as one of the best of his era. He won 36 more games and threw 291 more innings than any other pitcher in baseball from 1977-94. Is he a Mattox? ... Clemons? no - but I think he should be in.


Schilling - Nope, 216 wins isn't enough.
Wins are an artificial statistic that has no bearing upon a pitcher's performance, and Morris was never even the best pitcher on his own team. Being an innings eater doesn't make you a great pitcher -- ask Aaron Sele.

Edit: And Maddux is not getting 100%. If Seaver didn't, no one is.
I think Morris should get in, but I also realize that as a Twins fan, I'm biased. Still, he was more than just an inning eater- he pitched a lot of great games (including a doozy in the World Series). This will be his last shot and I hope he gets in, but if he falls short, I can understand that as well.
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