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Re: The Star Eagle Adventures V: Shadows in the Haze

Nora Laas had been so eager to get to the Nest and hopefully catch a significant break in the murder case, only halfway there did she realize that she hadn’t brought a weapon. Confident in her abilities to subdue a suspect or two without a phaser she wasn’t all that concerned. The captain had already given the order, on her recommendation, that while the investigation was ongoing, only security personnel were allowed to wear sidearms while all other weapons would be locked away until required or once the killer had been apprehended. The last thing anyone wanted was for an armed murderer to roam the ship.

She could hear the noise even before she had stepped into the crew lounge located at the forward part of deck ten.

“You killed him, you bitch.”

She recognized that voice.

“You were always jealous that he left you for me. You couldn’t take it, could you? But you were never right for him. Never.”

It belonged to Sierra Decaux and her ire was directed at Corporal Yunta Fey who was being held back, barely, by a couple of off-duty security crewmen. Her face was dripping wet while Decaux still held on to an empty glass.

Nora didn’t need to be a trained detective to understand what had happened here.

“Why don’t you come closer and say that again to my face?”

“I’m not afraid of you.”

“Maybe you should be.”

Nora approached the scene with quick strides. “Okay, people, let’s break this up, now.”

“What are you going to do?” said Decaux, her anger still directed at the Marine. “You going to kill me? Are you and Kolrami going to put together another cowardly scheme to get rid of me, too?”

Yunta freed herself from the man trying to hold her back, slipping out of his grasp and then rushed a wide-eyed Decaux who didn’t react nearly quickly enough to avoid being tackled by the other woman.

They both went crashing down onto a table before they fell onto the floor with Yunta on top of the clearly overpowered crewman. The Marine didn’t waste much time, drew back her arm and delivered a powerful blow against Decaux’s head, causing it to jerk violently with blood and spittle flying free.

Nora was on the Yunta within seconds. “Stand down, Corporal.”

But Yunta wasn’t listening, instead she seemed lost in her fury.

The security chief grabbed the woman by her shoulder before she could land another blow and pulled her back forcefully, getting her off Decaux.

“Stand down,” she said again. “Now.”

But instead of heeding the warning, the Marine launched herself at Nora, going in low and taking out her legs to force the surprised lieutenant onto the floor, bracing herself at the last second to avoid a painful landing. “Oh no you didn’t,” she said as she slowly stood again, her eyes narrowing at the fellow Bajoran who had attacked her.

“Stay out of this,” Yunta hissed. “This is between me and Decaux.”

“I warned you,” said Nora as she stepped closer. “But you didn’t want to listen.”

Yunta apparently decided a preemptive strike was in order and Nora was too late to recognize the martial art move designed to incapacitate her. The strike came from her left and she was not quite fast enough to weave to her right to fully dodge it. She mentally berated herself even before Yunta managed to land the hit. She had been a Marine once. She knew exactly what tactic the corporal had employed but she had simply been too slow to defend against it.

The blow against her head was powerful enough to causer her to stumble back to the floor and for a moment she couldn’t quite get the room to stop spinning.

Then she noticed that Alex Clancy and a handful of security officers had entered the Nest, just in time to see her go down like a first year cadet. Besides the pulsating pain in her skull, she now felt the much more painful sting of embarrassment.

“Nora,” Clancy cried out and was already heading her way with Carlos and the security team right behind him.

“Stay … stay back,” she said and waved them off, determined to finish Yunta on her own, security protocols be damned. The younger woman had managed to strike her twice already and she was determined that there wouldn’t be a third. Yunta Fey had started this fight, ignoring her warnings. Nora Laas was determined to end it. And she would not allow herself to underestimate her opponent again.
“I told you to stay out of it,” said Yunta, breathing hard and clearly worked up and filled to the brim with adrenaline, she was approaching the downed security chief again.

“See, that’s just something I cannot do,” she said and waited until the Yunta was just a couple of feet away. Then she took a deep breath and leashed out, swiping her leg in a wide arch and cutting away Yunta’s legs from underneath her.

She went crashing down to the floor.

Nora was not done. She bounced back up like a wound-up spring, gripped Yunta Fey by the throat and pulled her up quickly only to push her hard into a nearby column, the force of the impact causing the woman to groan.

“You shouldn’t have made me angry,” Nora said and then before she had a chance to catch her breath again, she pulled her away again and then brought the stunned woman down hard onto a table with such force that the glass surface cracked under the impact.

Yunta was dazed but that didn’t stop Nora to pull her up once more, even if the Marine was barely able to stand on her own two feet, and then deliver a right hook which send her flying over a chair and land sprawled out on the floor.

The security chief’s hard eyes made it obvious that she still wasn’t done and she took a step towards the prone figure.

“I think she’s had about enough,” said Clancy and placed a hand gently on Nora’s shoulder.

This hadn’t been a wise move as it caused the security chief to whirl around with her elbow cocked and ready for another blow.

“Woah, woah, same side, same side,” Clancy cried out and held up his hands in surrender.

Nora relaxed. “Don’t sneak up on me.”


Yunta in the meantime was pulling herself back up slowly by holding on to the back of a chair but before she could even think of trying another move, she was surrounded by armed security personnel.

Nora stepped up to her as well, looking down at the other Bajoran for a moment. “Brig. Now,” she said.

Jose Carlos and the rest of the squad quickly grabbed the woman who put up far too little resistance at this point to stop them and then was dragged out of the room.

“Are you alright? You’re bleeding,” said Clancy after having stepped up to her again.

Nora reached out for her face and above her right eye where she could feel a bruise. Her fingers came away with blood. “I’ll be alright,” she said.

But Clancy had already found a few napkins and passed them to her. “Are you sure? I think maybe you should stop by sickbay.”

She took the napkins and wiped away the blood. “Only thing hurt is my pride.”

Clancy smirked. “I don’t know, I though you had things under control. Maybe a little bit too much so.”

She aimed him a hard stare and he quickly turned away. He didn’t notice her tiny smile. She hadn’t forgotten how concerned he had sounded when Yunta had surprised her.

The counselor had found Decaux who had been helped back onto a chair by some of the patrons. She had a noticeably black eye and a bleeding lip. “Now you need to go to sickbay, young lady. No arguments.”

Decaux was back on her feet in an instant. “Sickbay?” she said, sounding terrified. “No, no, I’m fine, really,” she said quickly and before Clancy could insist any further, she was already hurrying towards the exit.

“Crewman,” he called after her but it was too late, she was gone.

Clancy turned back to Nora. “I seem to have the worst effect on women lately.”

She offered a little smirk before her face turned serious again. “Let’s see how you do with murderers. We’ve got one in the brig waiting to be questioned.”
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