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Re: DS9 deserved a movie

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Forgive me but everyone else was sparing your feelings. DS9 is a soap opera with science fiction elements. They're on a space station so they don't go where no man has gone before. There is very little venturing going on at all actually.
There's little venturing going on in any of the Trek films. The last two films stayed pretty close to earth, despite featuring a starship with which the crew could "venture."
The last two films were just milestones in a terrible directors career. The only redeeming qualities they had were cameo appearances by Leonard Nimoy and the casting choice for Scotty. I was merely stating that TOS, TNG and VOY all explored new worlds and species;DS9 was left stagnate because there was a lack of outside stimuli. Every Star Trek series made the audience grow an emotional attachment to characters but not in the same environment as DS9 did.
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