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Re: Season FIVE OFFICIAL TNG Blu-Ray Discussion Thread

I don't know anything about how X-Files was mastered, but if film masters simply needed to be transferred, I'm not sure how HTV could screw it up.

EDIT: Okay, so in google-searching "X-Files remaster HTV," I came across an article about "illuminate Hollywood," which appears to be HTV under a new name. When did they change their name? And did it have anything to do with the terrible job on TNG season two?

This is the article I found.
The iConform technology is designed to bring programs up to the current HD and 4K media standards and thus hopefully to generate new life -- and extract new revenue -- from dormant assets.

Stateside, illuminate Hollywood has already remastered series for CBS, Fox and Universal, among others. The solution has been used, for example, to create the latest HD versions of The X-Files, 24, Star Trek: The Next Generation and Pee-wee’s Playhouse. From there these series can go on to find new viewers in the digital space and other yet to be developed outlets.
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