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Re: DS9 deserved a movie

Forgive me but everyone else was sparing your feelings. DS9 is a soap opera with science fiction elements. They're on a space station so they don't go where no man has gone before. There is very little venturing going on at all actually. Most scenes featuring Quark's bar derived from the show Cheers, the format is the same. I'm pretty sure Kira's sporadic love life and Odo's infatuation with her wouldn't make for good cinema. Captain Benjamin Sisko is a glorified pseudo-messiah that spit on the prime directive even more so than Professor John Gill. It was also the only Star Trek series that regularly stretched out its plot lines into 3 and even 4 episodes so audiences who didn't follow the show religiously were often lost. That being said it is still worth watching but anyone who thinks there should have been a DS9 movie should play in traffic or give themselves a colonoscopy with a phaser set to kill.

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