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Re: Tabulated review threads sorted by average score

^ Sure, I agree - note that I never presumed to tell anyone how they should make their polls, I only pointed out one time that there might be a compelling case for using the other format in case he simply wasn't aware of it at all, and then let the matter drop. I haven't gone into any more of his threads and complained or anything like that. I've discussed in this very thread here that there's a danger of my site acting as a constraint on the forum and that I don't want that either. So I'm not sure where that accusation is coming from (other than the fact that you're still butthurt over that one time we clashed and keep following me around to voice it ever since, that is, which is getting mighty tired ... want me to add "I'm not a mod!" to my sig so you can move on to other things, perhaps?).

Ultimately, it's just a question of the community self-organizing. If enough people think that using the established poll format offers utility (augmented by my site or not) it'll keep being used because people want to use it, and that's that. There's no presumption of monopoly in people speaking or implementing their opinion in the matter.
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