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Re: NuTrek's Starfleet

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Pictures or profiles that don't work for me:
The SIG-14 -You're showing the Vengeance's torpedo tubes there. Why not use the designation for the Gattling Phasers?
1) WHAT gatling phasers?
2) Near as I can tell, the turrets on the Vengeance would have been phaser banks either way. This is such, because Into Darkness depicted a range of beam weapons of various sizes, all of them being large gun-looking things that emit Star Wars style energy bolts. Photon torpedoes, on the other hand, are depicted for the first time as not actually requiring any sort of highly sophisticated launch hardware; you can stick a torpedo tube anywhere and cover it with a hatch. Which -- if the intention had been for Vengeance to fire TORPEDOES at the Enterprise -- is exactly what we would have seen there.

SIG-5 - Is that a Halo screencap? It takes me out of the whole "this is nuTrek" vibe when you've got something that's so not in keeping with the universe's aesthetic.
Placeholder until i find a better one. Nice eye, though.

What I'd very much like to see are some better closeups in high-res of Vengance's forward phasers (firing from the docked battle pods) or better angles of the Kelvin/Newton types where said weapons would probably be housed. There's A LOT of imagery in the IDW comics, but the artwork leaves something to be desired for this project and I might have to work out something from scratch (which will take time because I suck at drawing).

AEG-37 - Is there any real reason it's a Federation/Starfleet weapon?
It definitely isn't a Klingon weapon. To begin with, all Klingon weapons in the film use a green glow while the big gun fires orange. More to the point, it's in about the same power class as the D4's cannons, so it's probably Starfleet's equivalent.

Supplemental materials also suggest that Khan was on Section 31s payroll for a substantial length of time before he went rogue. Setting up a Starfleet/Section 31 weapons cache where he (and/or his people) could get at it would have been par for the course.

HG-79 - I don't get the connection between the K'Normians and the Bajorans, nor why the gun was considered a peace offering.
In "Countdown to Darkness" Mudd's daughter is (strongly implied to be) half-Bajoran and has evidently been in the gun running business for the better part of a decade. The film, however, identifies her ship as a "K'Normian Trading Vessel" and the novelization goes a step further by suggesting that the K'Normians themselves are not actually Federation members and would have "a lot of explaining to do" if the Klingons found out who was behind the shootout in Ketha Province.

When you combine this with what we know about Pre-occupation Bajor -- that they already had space travel and probably star travel as well, that they have the technical know-how to build modern-style weapons and fighter craft (in a cave, with a box of scraps), that they operate a rigid caste system and are very accepting of outsiders, I get that the K'Normians (who may or may not be entirely Bajoran) recently made contact with the Federation, much to the delight of their arms traders.

Peacemaker - Do you want a screencap from the game? I could get one for you from the customization menu.
Couldn't hurt, but I've been fiddling around trying to get high-res action shots that dont look too cartoonish. Settled on concept art, again as a placeholder.

"Galactic Peace" - For the love of god, swap that picture out for something else. There has to be something more obscure you can use than a Mass Effect gun.
The funny thing is, I'm having trouble with the Nimbus-III rifle. On the one hand, its hard to find any real images of it anywhere that aren't sloppy-looking reproductions made out of super soaker parts. On the other hand, the ORIGINAL looked pretty damn sloppy and I probably wouldn't use it if I could find it.

Basically, I'm getting to the point where I need to start shopping around for art work. Until then, rough draft is rough.

Also, put the last picture before the entries about the nuTrek movie phasers, because they make little sense without the context provided by that pic.
Please elaborate...
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