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Re: Captain of the next Trek series

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You could for example set it on a ship operating a few years beyond the Federation border, who's Captain is killed and the XO has to step up. Some people can make excellent number twos but struggle when it comes to the next step up.
Similar to the Challenger novel series that takes place following TMP. This idea has promise, particularly if the executive officer is an outsider who's new to a crew that's served under the incumbent commanding officer for several years. The captain's death and the subsequent rise of the first officer to command is an excellent recipe for both external and internal conflict.

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Most shows start off with a group of characters that you know nothing about, the aim is to get the audiance to care about these characters as the show progresses.
Agreed. Audiences can learn to care about new characters as they have previous characters and crews. As long as plotlines and conflicts are introduced properly and not forced, fans will accept a new crew.

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