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Re: Will you be getting a PS4 or an Xbox One ?

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And that's just it, though. In a perfect world, everyone would enunciate perfectly, but this is a system that's been touted as being able to understand natural speech. Anything else is just awkward and kind of defeats the purpose of its usefulness.
Getting people to stop slurring their words and to speak and enunciate properly is a bad thing now?

What I'm reading is "Using the program properly defeats the purpose of having it" which is kind of a strange stance to take.
Anytime you force people to adapt to you it will fail, especially when you're dealing with the broad massess. People expect to use technology without changing their habits and if yout technology can't adapt you are wide open for failure.

In most videos i've seen voice commands only worked about 50% of the time, sometimes higher and that is just unacceptable for consumer electronics and if this keeps up i don't see people using the feature too much as cool as it may be.

It is an ambitious project but just too soon but i also guess MS wants to keep to their roadplan at all costs and distinguish itself from Sony as much as they can. I believe their strategy is a sound one when they aim to provide a combined media center but their execution is sorely lacking.

If competitors are developing similar technologies (I'm looking at you Apple) but take their time to do it right MS might lose out again even if they were the first to try it.. again.
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