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Re: When did New Frontier "Jump the Shark"?

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According to PAD regarding the creation of New Frontier: "The basic concept was John Ordover's, as was the notion of using several already existing characters. I fleshed out the concept and created the original characters." Source
But the choices of Shelby, Selar and Lefler were PAD's, IIRC. He wanted to use them because he personally liked the actresses and it had to be cleared with Paramount that the canon series was not planning to re-use them.
Actually, the development was collaborative between Peter and John. It was pretty much equal parts both. (John and I similarly collaborated on the development of S.C.E.)

That is because the artist was working from reference photos and had nothing to do with PAD.
No, it's because PAD had been annoyed with depictions of his NF characters on the book covers and he personally worked with the comic artists and approved the art on both NF stories.
Actually, Ian, Iarann is correct, and your own statement indicates why: Peter was concerned about the portrayals of his NF characters in the comics (Kebron, Soleta, McHenry, Kallinda, Si Cwan, etc.), so he worked closely with Mike Collins and Stephen Thompson on them. But Iarann wasn't talking about the new characters, he was talking about Shelby, and he's right: Mike and Stephen were working from photo ref for them (and also for Selar and Lefler).
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