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Re: Star Trek: Starships Model/Magazine Subscription

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Wow. Ok. So, after sending an email last Friday, I got an a response back saying that again they didn't have my billing info on file. Called yesterday and talked with a really helpful young lady. This time she made sure that my info was saved into the system. I should now be getting issues 5 thru 8 and DS9 in two weeks.
I tried to subscribe to this, only to have their billing system tell me my address is nonexistent. Received a support e-mail from someone named Rajish Rupaldi who asked for my full (unredacted) credit card number and my SSN so he could 'urgently process manual transaction.' I told him just to forget about it. There's definitely some shenanigans happening in their billing department which my financial info doesn't need to be a part of.
So wait, if the dudes name was Sir Nigel Winterbottom III, would you have given him the info?

If so, my name is Lord Edgar Hollingsworth and I'll be needing all of that info, as well as your mother's maiden name, a stool sample, the details of how you lost your virginity, your fingerprints,a blood sample, and your first born.
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