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Re: When did New Frontier "Jump the Shark"?

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What events and characters were "editorially mandated" to PAD? (Supposedly killing off Janeway, but that was in a TNG novel.)
According to PAD regarding the creation of New Frontier: "The basic concept was John Ordover's, as was the notion of using several already existing characters. I fleshed out the concept and created the original characters." Source

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And that's why certain fans are attracted to his work.

And if he stopped doing so, people who enjoy in-jokes would complain.
Maybe, but it's so over done to me that it almost gets into parody. As I said, it's just my opinion, obviously others are free to enjoy the in-jokes and constant self referencing, it would be nice though if he could be a little bit more subtle sometimes.

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Wouldn't a "vision" be Calhoun's idealized remembrance of Shelby?
It's been way too long since I read the scene, but I don't remember that being implied. Whatever, I'm not going to waste time arguing over the matter.

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Certainly, in all the PAD-approved art of Shelby in the comics, she looks exactly like Shelby.
That is because the artist was working from reference photos and had nothing to do with PAD.

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And many of us were long into adulthood before we picked up our first piece of PAD material, or had ever heard of Peter David.
Right, which is why I didn't use an absolute in my statement. Of course there are adult fans (both now and back in the 90s), Imzadi couldn't have sold the numbers it did without them. I was specifically addressing comments in this thread regarding how people see the later books as corny or silly and how that element was already present in the earlier books.
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