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Re: When did New Frontier "Jump the Shark"?

iarann wrote: View Post
It was an example. I know that some of it was editorially mandated
What events and characters were "editorially mandated" to PAD? (Supposedly killing off Janeway, but that was in a TNG novel.)

but PAD has a habit of inserting that kind of thing into everything he writes.
And that's why certain fans are attracted to his work.

An example would be his novelizations of the Spider-man movies, where he was constantly using in-jokes and references to other Marvel universe stuff.
And if he stopped doing so, people who enjoy in-jokes would complain.

If you want another example from New Frontier, you can refer to Lefler's mother who is "played" by Majel Barrett and is hinted to be Number One from the Cage, mistaken by Scotty to be Christine Chapel, noted to sound like the standard Starfleet computer, and there was probably a reference to Lwaxana Troi I'm just not aware of.
Yes, there was.

Therin of Andor wrote: View Post
Such has his description of her in the vision Calhoun has at the beginning of the first book.
Wouldn't a "vision" be Calhoun's idealized remembrance of Shelby?

Certainly, in all the PAD-approved art of Shelby in the comics, she looks exactly like Shelby.

My statement was just an observation that a lot of people who really love his books read many of them when they were kids/teenagers
And many of us were long into adulthood before we picked up our first piece of PAD material, or had ever heard of Peter David.
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