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Re: The Ashes 2013

5-0, 5-0, 5-0, 5-0, 5-0.

This is even better than 06/07. That Australian side contained some of our (and world cricket's) most outstanding players; this side has only Clarke who's ever even remotely likely to be considered in that sort of company. Yet these eleven blokes have achieved the same result. It's brilliant and I'm particularly pleased for Clarke, Haddin (both of whom have been derided, if not vilified, in the past) Lyon and Harris.

As someone who sincerely hoped Johnson would never play any kind of cricket for Australia again, I'm gnawing on some humble pie as I type. I kept waiting for him to fall in a heap and it didn't happen. Unexpected, but most welcome. Even the so-called Barmy Army's relentless childish sledging didn't seem to have an effect. (Funny how it's okay for them and for English players to sledge but when we do it we're "ugly Australians" or some such bullshit. Hypocrisy and double standards in action, I suppose.) Kudos to him. Haddin was the player of the series IMO but it's hard to argue with 37 wickets at around 14.

The wheel always turns in sport - although I'm sure no one imagined it would turn quite so rapidly after the last Ashes series - and so we shouldn't get too carried away with this result. We remain a flawed side and a better opponent will point up those flaws even more clearly than England managed. But that can be bothered with later. For now, I for one intend to enjoy this result.

Not much to be said about England, particularly in this Test where they were just awful. Several of them looked to be...I was going to say just going through the motions but it was even more abject than that. One or two of them have emerged from the series with some credit but in general they were resoundingly poor. I read a good article the other day that suggested cooking the wickets for their home series helped set them up for failure here when they were confronted with a series of varied, actual cricket wickets. It's as good a theory as any, in my view.

Just a few months ago former captain Michael Vaughan was saying that this England team "could dominate their era". Now he's calling for all sorts of changes. Several other former England players who were gloating only a few months ago are now in a very different place. It's nice to see that sort of arrogance properly rewarded.

Hopefully we won't succumb to that sort of hubris. It's embarrassing and pathetic and it always ends up biting such people on their arses sooner or later.

On to the less interesting aspect of the summer. Hopefully we can put together a one-day side that will keep the foot on the throat for a while longer.

5-0, 5-0, 5-0, 5-0, 5-0.

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If Haddin isn't named player of the series it'll be a travesty. He's the prime reason our bowlers have had something to work with in every Test. It would have been a very different series without him.
No love for Michael Johnson?
I don't think he was a Test cricketer.

Johnson wouldn't have been able to attack the opposition with anything like the same effectiveness if he'd had the sort of mediocre totals to bowl at that our batsmen were on track to provide without Haddin's efforts. But no matter, really.
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