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Re: MYTHBUSTERS 10th Anniversary Season

Speaking of cosplay, I'm disappointed that Kari wouldn't go along with the Slave Leia idea, but she looked pretty nice in that R2-D2 dress.
I thought she also looked nice in the forest Leia camo.

Adam did something that bewilders me, something that Americans seem to do a lot: pronouncing "cosplay" like "cozplay." Which is bizarre, since it's short for "costume play," and nobody says "coztume." The original Japanese word is kosupure, which is the closest Japanese approximation of "cos(tume) play" and is definitely pronounced with an S sound rather than a Z sound. So I have no idea where people are getting the notion that it should be pronounced as though it had something to do with Bill Cosby.
I've heard it pronounced both ways. I say it with the "s" sound but the "z" sound doesn't surprise me. It's probably systemic of general English-speaking laziness of slurring words and sounds into new ones. Might also be a regional accent thing.

I was surprised that they had their "guest Leia" just hang on to Jamie and the rope rather than being in her own safety harness. Although it seemed to work just fine. I've never heard of the actress they used -- Sophia Bush, was it? -- but she's really pretty.
I liked her too as I was also surprised that she wasn't in a rig or something to, especially considering what happed to mannequin-Leia during the tests.

It's also a bit surprising that they got someone to give them an armored truck to wreck.
They probably simply bought an old/decommissioned one like most of the vehicles they wreck. It may have been damaged, to old or obsolete to be viable for use. That or they just simply bought one and wrecked like they do with classic cars people sell from their driveways.

Remember, they said Luke had already lost 3-4 degrees and was mildly hypothermic when Han found him. And he was unconscious and immobile. Han's activity building the shelter would've helped keep his body temperature up.
Oh, I know they gave "Luke" the head-start. But I don't think I've ever heard/been told that "staying active" stays off hypothermia at some point your body can't create heat faster than it's losing it. I would think being in arctic temperatures of 30 or 40 below zero Celsius it doesn't matter how active and healthy you are your body can only make so much heat so fast. At even starting to get cold is going to have an impact on finer motor skills and concentration.

I was disappointed as well Kari didn't get into the Slave Leia dress but that's probably asking too much. Hope to see another "Star Wars" episode done down the road plenty of other good scenes for them to test and recreate! Also, of note, this is the first movie/TV-based show in a while to use actual footage from the source material rather than recreating it with animations or re-enacting it with the cast.

I'm surprised there wasn't some other ready-made substance they could use for the intestines, like maybe sausage casings.
Sausage casing would have been even more difficult to work with. They're not greatly resilient to stress and abuse and you have to be very delicate with them in even the best of conditions.

Christopher, I think we can just keep this thread given that it's not very big. PM one of the TV/Media mods and have them change the title to just "Mythbusters Discussion" or something to get rid of the "10th Anniversary Season" part.
Just because it's futuristic doesn't mean it's practical.

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