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Re: MYTHBUSTERS 10th Anniversary Season

Not sure if we're going to continue with this thread or start a new one.

Very good episode and looks like a fun season ahead.

Not much to say, really, on everything that happened. The jumping the chasm "myth" wasn't too surprising. It seemed "possible" but as they tested it out to be just very difficult.

The AT-ST test was interesting. Surprising on how heavy the two logs they picked were (and, yeah, it's hard to believe the Ewoks would've been able to rig that up but maybe they have some advanced rope/crane/pulley technology we didn't see?) and considering the mass of those two logs that they went with a wooden structure for the test. I'm also surprised how much damage the logs actually did to the armored truck!

The tauntaun test was also interesting but, also, didn't bring too surprising of results. Of course the question could also be how Han survived in the cold without the warmth of an animal while he built the shelter. IIRC he was no more heavily dressed than Luke was so he would've lost heat just as fast (if not faster) which would have really impacted his ability to build the shelter.

And maybe it's me but I never took it he was going to build a snow shelter but had something on-hand with his survival gear that'd make him a shelter rather quickly.

Surprising how many hurdles they had in testing that myth and that they still had the Titanic rig to test the heat-loss with.
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