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Re: NuTrek's Starfleet

Pictures or profiles that don't work for me:
The SIG-14 -You're showing the Vengeance's torpedo tubes there. Why not use the designation for the Gattling Phasers?
SIG-5 - Is that a Halo screencap? It takes me out of the whole "this is nuTrek" vibe when you've got something that's so not in keeping with the universe's aesthetic.
AEG-37 - Is there any real reason it's a Federation/Starfleet weapon?
HG-79 - I don't get the connection between the K'Normians and the Bajorans, nor why the gun was considered a peace offering.
Peacemaker - Do you want a screencap from the game? I could get one for you from the customization menu.
"Galactic Peace" - For the love of god, swap that picture out for something else. There has to be something more obscure you can use than a Mass Effect gun.

Also, put the last picture before the entries about the nuTrek movie phasers, because they make little sense without the context provided by that pic.
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