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Re: I never got the Akira class as a carrier.

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But I guess it will be a miranda replacement in my own personal world. The Miranda was a robust design, The Akira seems to me like a continuation of that design lineage but a little more multipurpose, and probably much better crew accommodations.
Really? You think so? *I've* always thought the design that was the natural inheritor of the Miranda line, so to speak, was the Nebula-Class. But, to each their own.
The Nebula class has virtually nothing whatsoever in common with the Miranda class other than the fact that its nacelles are beneath its saucer. If anything, it's an immediate predecessor of the Galaxy class.

Akira works in the Miranda lineage because of its features. It's a (relatively) smaller vessel with a fairly large shuttlebay and a torpedo pod on the top of it. Probably not a very glamorous assignment, but they seem to do a lot of the Federation's grunt work.

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Doesn't the same issue apply to the Enterprise-D as well? We see the ship unleash a wall of phaser beam and photon torpedo death at the Borg in "Best of Both Worlds" but in all other conflicts before and since it fires like the Akira in FC, one beam at a time with the odd photon thrown in for good measure.
In Best of Both Worlds the point was trying to find a frequency the Borg couldn't adapt to. Otherwise, they'd just dump as much power as they could channel into whichever phaser strip was facing the target.
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