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Re: Will you be getting a PS4 or an Xbox One ?

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Oh no, they're going to see me sitting perfectly still playing video games! Man, those guys at MS must be crazy bored.
It has been pointed out several times in this thread that nobody really believes that anyone at MS will use the Kinect to literally watch us. The issue with Kinect is not that it's a camera, it's that it is a device theoretically capable of analysing human behaviour and activity, creating a log-file of that activity, and sending that file to MS. MS could then sell the collated data on to any interested third parties, or secretly be forced to hand it over to the NSA. A regular webcam cannot do that, nor can the cameras in a phone or tablet. Kinect supposedly could. Although, after having used it, I don't believe it would be reliable in its analysis.

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And I like the idea that they will also advertize to me... I mean, if we have to live in a world with advertizing anyways...
There shouldn't be ads on Xbox Live for paying subscribers in the first place.
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