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Re: Will you be getting a PS4 or an Xbox One ?

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It's not Microsoft who'll be spying on you, it's the Obsidian Order...err, I mean, the NSA they sell the data to who will be spying on you.

I'm totally not on board with this "One experience for all television related matters" push. No, I don't want one group to have full control of the data that appears on my television screen. I want each particular service to be something I choose between multiple providers for, and completely in charge of how each is applied to my 'entertainment experience' Microsoft's trying to make the One the One Gateway To Entertain Them All.
Some people don't want to put in the effort for a sometimes small gain and often enough complete packages do tend to end up cheaper than single options when you add everything up.

Additionally in tech you avoid incompabilities that even though standards exists still sometimes cause problems when different devices have to interact with each other when they're not from the same company.

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Can't this whole "spy" paranoia also be a good thing?

"Hey, look at all these people watching well written sci-fi shows! Maybe we should produce or support more of those instead of relying on this Neilson thing"

And I like the idea that they will also advertize to me. I don't need to see tampon commercials or car commercials. But if I see something I actually MIGHT buy, then that's a good thing for them and me, no? I mean, if we have to live in a world with advertizing anyways, might as well cater it to me and make it worth my while.
While it may contain much hyperbole in the Snowden/NSA era it's an issue everyone has to decide for himself. Whenever you visit Amazon and do some searching within moments you can see Amazon adopting your searches and changing their recommendations based on your searches.

Now companies want your money and they will pay through the nose for data about your purchasing habits and your interests because it allows them to tailor their offerings to you and not play the guessing game. This way they increase possible profits and it has become a huge part of commerce. Now even if a company knew all my habits there's nothing they can do when i decide i won't buy, they simply can't force me to so with that aspect there's little danger involved.

The issue though is about privacy and who controls this data and who gets access to it. It's about principle that companies have no right to invade my privacy even if they may pose no physical threat to my life.

With MS and Kinect they invented a device that could easily appear in any Hollywood spy movie and to be honest i don't believe it would be hard for any organization like the NSA to tap into that device and watch you. It's basically a direct access to your living room and while the NSA might not be interested in seeing you in your underwear eating chips and playing some games the potential is there and that's enough to become very alert.

I certainly will not install a camera and microphone connected to the internet in my appartment not because i'm paranoid but because i don't trust any company to protect my privacy at all costs.
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