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Re: MAN OF STEEL - Grading & Discussion

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You have to roll with secret identity thing in these types of movies. Besides, Superman's secret identity is the least of Man of Steel's problems.
It depends on the character, I think. Absurd as they may be, the anonymity of Batman and Arrow's "The Arrow" don't really bother me because being brooding rogue operators are key to their very personalities. Likewise, Peter Parker's a misfit and an underdog, so it makes sense for him thematically to keep a low profile and not glory in the celebrity of his abilities like Iron Man does, even if he does things in the movies that really should have outed him (like shattering the basketball backboard and bending the football goal in ASM).

With Superman, though, he's just so damn powerful and flamboyant (he goes by a name with "super" in it and wears a flowing red cape, for Pete's sake) that his whole mild-mannered identity thing just strikes me as tangential to his super-work at best and hypocritical at worst. He stands for "truth [and] justice" but hides from the public. He could topple a government each night, but writes newspaper stories instead of helping clear war zones of weapons, and building homes for disaster-stricken refugees? I'm not saying he doesn't deserve any time off or any privacy, but holding a newspaper job doesn't strike me as the way to go. Just my two cents.
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