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Re: I never got the Akira class as a carrier.

Ah, the Akira class...

On the one hand, its a sort of fanboi wannabe supership produced for a franchise that could not handle superships in any way shape or form, so the entire concept was dead on arrival. The giant "weapons pod" between the impulse farings was drawn with seven forward torpedo tubes, which ILM simply ignored and drew the torpedoes just coming from a random spot in the middle of all of them (which blows my mind to think of it: they KNEW it was a weapons pod, but they still didn't bother to put the torpedoes coming out of the actual tubes ). The features intended to be doors for a through-deck shuttlebay are too small for standard shuttles, let alone any known fighter the Federation has ever used. Last of all, the only time we see the Akiras, there are no fighters in the area; the only time we see the fighters, there are no Akiras in the area.

On the other hand, the concept itself is basically a non-starter. The whole reason for HAVING specialized high-tech torpedo tubes is so that you do not need multiple tubes to maintain a high rate of fire. As alluded to above, its the difference between a submachinegun and a harness with fifty derringers strapped to it. That single torpedo launcher is generally perfectly sufficient: you can launch one at a time in rapid succession or six at a time in a scattershot. If you're in a situation where you need more than six photon torpedoes in a single volley, you're probably better off surrendering.

As DESCRIBED, Akira is a starship that should be able to perform a Macross Massacre of up to 90 torpedoes in a single volley and should be able to launch a BSG-style fighter patrol to pound the hell out of its enemies. As DEPICTED, Akira is just an enlarged Miranda with a single torpedo tube and a forward phaser bank that goes "Bzzzzaaaaaawwwwww....bzzzzaaaaaaaawwwwww" and that's it. Its a fundamental dissonance between what the FX people want to do and what the designers want to do and the Akira class is born in the mutual ignorance between them.

Similar thing happened for the Scimitar in Nemesis:
Jaegar: The ship has 52 disruptor banks and 26 photon torpedo launchers
ILM: We will render four disruptors and an occasional torpedo.
Jaegar: But... but... 52 disruptor banks...
ILM: Pew pew... pew pew pew... pew... pew pew... How's that?
Jaegar: Couldn't you just show me what it would look like if it fired all 52 of those disruptors at once?
ILM: Well, it does fire about 50 disruptor bolts during the course of the entire film....
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