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Re: MLB Offseason 2013-2014

Oh, what the hell.

Should be in, or should not be in?

Maddux - Could be the 1st player to get in 1st ballet with 100 percent of the vote. Slam dunk. I hated the Braves and used to watch games just to see him pitch. Wow.

Glavine - Hell year, nd should be a 1st ballet guy.

F. Thomas - The Big Hurt should be in.

Biggio - Catcher, 2nd baseman, OF, 3000+ hits, he should be in.

Piazza - Was his liability behind the plate the reason he is not already in? I think he makes it.

Bagwell - Arguably the 6th best 1st baseman to ever play and he's not already in? WTF??

Jack Morris - I remember him as one of the best of his era. He won 36 more games and threw 291 more innings than any other pitcher in baseball from 1977-94. Is he a Mattox? ... Clemons? no - but I think he should be in.

Raines - 5th all tie in steals, one of the best player of his day. He should be in.

Bonds - Arguably the best player ever? I don't know. Like I said earlier, I don't know how to decipher the PED thing.

Clemens - Same category as Bonds here.

Schilling - Nope, 216 wins isn't enough.

Mussina - Yup, I think so.

Trammell - Great defender, but not a bat to go with it. Nope, he's not in.

L. Smith - Nope.

E. Martinez - Nope. Big Papi should get in either. (DH)

McGriff - Nope, sorry crime dog

Kent - hell no.

L. Walker - In. I didn't remember him stealing so many bases. I don't care that he played in Coors Field.

McGwire - Same category as Bonds here.

S. Sosa - Same category as Bonds here.

R. Palmeiro - Same category as Bonds here.

Mattingly - So sad he had the bad back. Not in.
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