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Re: MAN OF STEEL - Grading & Discussion

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When it comes to these guys at least...

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Spider-Man/Andrew Garfield

The Wolverine/Hugh Jackman

Rachel Dawes (from TDK)/Maggie Gyllenhaal

Oh look it's Sherlock/Khan/Benedict Cumberbatch. He must be on a case to find Moriarty.

Loki/ Tom Hiddleston

Dr. Horrible/NPH

If you didn't know who these actors were or if you didnt take the time to look closely.
That's not really a sentence, but if you're saying I wouldn't recognize the above actors, bullshit, especially without the beards and shades (which I doubt we'll see Supes put on in public onscreen), and that's just from single 2D images. Even Jackman is totally recognizable there.
^ You're right. i had a thought in my head and I didn't translate it very well as I was compiling the images.

Well all of these actors have been seen by the masses in multiple movies (cinema and home video) and tv projects. Superman was fighting and flying all around the city and in the space. I doubt many people saw his face and formed a lasting impression of it.

Gaith wrote: View Post
AllStarEntprise wrote: View Post
I think most people would pass by them completely unaware. Supes disguise probably works under the same principle. People don't expect to find Superman walking among us.
If Supes were real and had torn up Metropolis like that, you're damn right people would expect to see him around. Manhattan folks expect to see famous people all the time; a friend of mine chatted up Angelina Jolie a few months ago.
How many Metropolis citizens actually saw Superman close enough to get a lastly impression of him? Not many. I didn't see any news crews or people taking photos. So at present, Superman can only be identified by the military members who worked with him and a dozen or so people in Metropolis who actually saw Supeman when he wasn't fliying around battling Zod at super speeds.
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