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Re: MAN OF STEEL - Grading & Discussion

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One thing that made sense to me (from what we saw of it) was making Lois smart enough to figure out who Clark was from the beginning. This got around the hoary old idea that has long lost any credibility whatsoever that him simply donning glasses (and maybe combing his hair a bit differntly) could fool her into beleiving Clark and Superman were two separate individuals. They got that out of the way.
While I liked it myself, what will that say about everyone else, especially the other journalists, who get to know Clark in the sequels?

Although Jackman, particularly with that grin, is the only celeb posted I'd recognize.

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This Superman is facing a huge unforseen challenge before he's actually decided to be Superman and establish himself. It all comes to a head before he's even really figured everything out for himself.
There didn't seem to be much reason to be so hesitant, though (aside from his childhood, which if it's that important was underdeveloped), especially with Jor-El so confidently pushing him to be a hero/example.
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