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Re: The Day of the Doctore Review Thread (Spoilers?)

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No, the "timelines out of sync" reference was a bit of continuity porn to retroactively explain why, in "The Three Doctors," "The Five Doctors," and "The Two Doctors" in the classic series, the later Doctors never seemed to remember the events from the perspective of their earlier selves. Fans have been wondering about that for decades, so Moffat, who's the ultimate ascended fanboy/continuity geek, threw in a line to "explain" it.

If anything, it actually supported the idea that history hasn't changed -- that this is what always happened, but the Doctor didn't remember it.
The second Doctor remembered Omega as we learned in The Five Doctors and the tenth Doctor took the memory of the fifth Doctor to solve the problme in Time Crash. There's realyl very little evidence to support the idea that they can't remember meeting their previous selves.
But what kind of a story would The Five Doctors have been if they'd remembered? All the First Doctor would have had to do is say, "Oh, this is no problem. We have to do x, y, and z and meet my other selves here, here, and here, and the whole thing will be solved in time for tea."

The only thing stopping them from doing that would be the determination to not alter their own personal time line. After all, just because you know something will succeed in the future, that doesn't mean you're not excused from doing everything that leads up to it.

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I still don't get how the fourth doctor (is he playing the fourth doctor?) can be there (another metacrisis?), though I absolutely loved Tom Baker to appear and am willing to ignore logic in this instance.
As a matter of fact, I loved the whole film, especially the interaction of the three doctors. I have seen it at least twenty times already.
I get teary-eyed and a big smile on my face every time I see this scene. Tom Baker was really wonderful, and I'm so happy he came back for this anniversary special.

If Romana can decide to wear a copy of Princess Astra's body as her second incarnation, why couldn't the Doctor re-use a previous body he liked? As for aging, the only time Tom Baker's doctor was shown really old was when he was artificially aged in The Leisure Hive. Fortunately, the process was reversed!
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