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Re: Why Is Nemesis Unpopular?

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NEMESIS is very poorly written. It's shocking to me that John Logan continues to pat himself on the back for having written it. The bad outweighs the good in this flick, as its issues are many:

- The convenience of Shinzon - inexplicably - finding yet ANOTHER of Data's "brothers" for use against the good ship ENTERPRISE (aren't there any other androids/android makers in the galaxy?).

- Shinzon's existance explained only enough to service the story, such as it is. How Picard's DNA was obtained, on what mission and by which Romulan(s) is a complete mystery, although Shinzon knows plenty enough about every other aspect of his origins.

- The Romulan chick who was perfectly happy to provide Earth with a dusting of Thaylaron Radiation only turns her cheek when Shinzon (cruelly) rejects her. NOW, she's this open-minded, tolerant Romulan we are meant to be in support of, because she teams up with ENT-E to kick that same Shinzon's ass ... and because she's cute, I guess.

- Worf's being at his post makes no sense ... whatsoever ... considering what we know about his situation from DS9, and like everything else that's just "thrown in," is left a complete mystery.

The CGI nature of most of the effects is obsenely apparent and the sound effects suck - especially for the quantum torpedoes, which "splat" when they hit. And worst of all, the TNG cast - especially Marina and Gates - are allowed to look like they were rode hard and hung up wet. The ladies look like shit. It's inexcusable, considering the youthifying treatments Kirk and company were given in TMP.
This is almost all just superficial nitpicking. Would a single line of how they got Picard's DNA really have improved the movie? Or changed anything at all? That has nothing to do with the story at all. They have it. They cloned him. Move on, the rest is detail that doesn't change a thing. Or having Worf say "Being a diplomat is not for me so I applied to come back to the Enterprise" suddenly makes Nemesis great?

It's also obvious that people are looking for something just to hate one when they even complain about the effects, which, even if you hate the movie, really are very well done.

Often times, sure, the complaints are justified, but sometimes (and I'm not directing this at you, 2takes) it seems some fans are just saying "This isn't exactly how I like my movies and they should have made it to please only me!" and it comes across as a bit juvenile and selfish. Especially once we talk about how the Romulans were involved and the movie people WANTED with them, which was never shown or intended, which is an incredibly unfair criticism.
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