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This is actually the first time I've been able to see Grayson/Drac as a protagonist, since it's the first time he's shown a desire to transcend his murderous ways, to become a better man rather than just get revenge or gain power or possess a woman. And his gesture with the orchestra at the Bedlam dance was downright touching. Okay, he was just doing it to romance Mina, but at least he recognized that the thing that would impress her most was being kind to other people.

I'm not entirely clear on Lady Jane's motivations. I assume she's recognized the attraction between Grayson and Mina, is jealous of Mina, and is trying to hurt her by having Lucy seduce Jonathan. But that's just absurdly overcomplicated. And if she breaks up Mina and Jonathan, wouldn't that just drive Mina further into Grayson's arms? Isn't Jane shooting herself in the foot?

As for Browning, he wasn't self-deluded at all. The Ottoman threat is just his excuse, his spiel to convince Jonathan to help. He and the Order are more concerned about losing the power that comes from their own control of oil. Of course, they are blinded in that they fail to realize that they'd be better off investing in Grayson's tech than quashing it; but there are plenty of precedents in real life, unfortunately, for entrenched business interests suppressing "competing" technologies that could've made the world better for everyone.
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