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Re: TOS Revisited - New Revelations

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I don't know the TOS writer's intentions, but I always interpreted Uhura's flirtations as teasing the dog that's not expected to bite. (Kirk is another matter.) It was a challenge to see if she could get a rise out of Spock. Early TOS played Spock as emotionless. Later on it was established that Vulcans are extremely hot-blooded, but choose to follow a stoic philosophy.

As for the "Charlie X" scene, Spock looked like he was relaxing to the inevitable, learning to get along with his human shipmates. The rec lounge was shown as a place where rank didn't matter.

I didn't care for the TREK "reboots." Based on the TOS scenes, the "relationship" between Spock and Uhura is not unfounded, but I would not say it was "unmistakably foreshadowed." The new writers just decided it would be dramatic to have Spock throw tantrums and be all emotional. Shocker, like Spock crying in TMP.

So the "reboot" was true to Uhura's original character. Spock, not so much.
Agreed to a point. TOS' Uhura wasn't a whiny bitch like the JJ version.
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