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Re: Dracula - NBC

Early on in last night's episode, I had the thought -- this is the episode where Dracula doesn't win. Generally, each episode has put a challenge in front of Dracula -- becoming a majority shareholder, walking in sunlight, etc. -- and somehow he triumphs over it. But this week, everything Dracula wanted he lost.

He wanted to control his bloodthirst. He failed.

He wanted to possess the Dresden Triptych. He failed.

He wanted to demonstrate his machine. He failed.

Each of these failures came about because of his own actions. (Even the Dresden Triptych. True, he couldn't have known that agents of the Order had intercepted his communications and thus known that he wanted it, but because of his communications earlier in the series he jeopardized his possession of it.) And he's coming ever so closer to crossing the line entirely with Mina.

He didn't win, and that's the point. Last night felt very much like the close of the second act with Dracula beginning his fall. From here, the final three episodes are likely to see Dracula's descent into evil and his final destruction. Yet, I'm still rooting for him -- to recover the Triptych, to find love with Mina, to destroy the Order, even if he has to take them down on his way down. Even at the worst we saw of him last night, he's still the most compelling, most sympathetic character in the series.

Lady Jayne's game was interesting. I realized when she began to seduce Lucy that her questions to Dracula about how to destroy her husband had nothing at all to do with her husband; her story was just a convenient cover so that she could use Grayson's own tactics against the people in his life.

The attempt by the Order at recruiting Harker was, I thought, rather brazen and laughable. "Hello! We're a secret society you know nothing about, and your boss is an terrible person!" What I found especially amusing was the self-delusion on Browning's part; if he listened to the argument he posed to Harker about controlling energy and being at the mercy of the Turks, he should have realized that Grayson was offering the world an escape from the Turkish threat he feared.
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