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A post-Insurrection/pre-Nemesis TNG mini-series?

This isn't perhaps "future" of Trek, but instead of Enterprise, should there have been a miniseries, in say 2001 or 2002 even, of the Enterprise-E's missions? Essentially a TNG 2?

Sir Patrick says he doesn't want to play Picard again now, but 2001 was obviously prior to Nemesis. and Michael Dorn had no DS9 commitments to adhere by that time.

At the least, it would have been a boon to Paramount, as they could bank in on the success of the past series, and it would have attained high ratings. The only issue is the episode quality, but then many of the TNG/DS9 writers were still around then. It also could have explored many of the DS9 finale's loose ends (,e.g. UFP/Romulan relations, Worf being an Ambassador and/or rejoining the Enterprise crew, any potential occupation of Cardassia, etc.)

As said, maybe this shouldn't be on a "future" of Trek forum, but it seemed like a cool idea to note lol.
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