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Re: Excelsior Class/Enterprise B Deckplans Blueprints?

Cobalt Frost wrote: View Post
Um.. you know, there's a stickied topic at the top of the Fan Art forum with links to a site that has a bleep-ton of blueprints... pretty sure there's an Ent-B and a couple of Excelsiors at the site.
Hi Cobalt Frost! Sorry, maybe I wasn't clear in my OP... I'm not looking for the top view/bottom view etc blueprints of the ship. Cygnus-x1 is a great site, and I'm well aware of it; but it doesn't have the actual deck plans of the ship, which is what I'm after.

Robert Comsol wrote: View Post
Welcome to the BBS. If you are looking for accurate blueprints of the ship, you should check out the Excelsior size thread in the Trek Tech section. Blueprints of the actual model (with the "bumpers") do exist and have partially been illustrated there.

Hi Bob! Thanks; I've been a lurker here for a long time. The Excelsior size thread is really interesting, and I've been following it for a while. But unless I'm mistaken; that thread doesn't have any drawings of the deck sections; it just has MSD-style crosssections!

The only reference I can find (I think) to proper deck plans of the Excelsior, is from the Excelsior Technical Manual thread by the talented Praetor, who mentions he's drawn up deck plans. That, however, was in 2009.
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