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Re: Gal Gadot cast as Wonder Woman In ‘Batman Vs. Superman’

Some people obviously can bulk up. I'm just saying that Gadot can't get to the right size. Even if they care enough to try, she's always going to look like a model cosplaying as WW (assuming she even gets a costume). She just doesn't look like a superhero, period. Its not just a muscular thing. I know its been said, but again, look at the woman who played Sif in thor. She's not super muscular (and super muscular isn't WW anyway) but she wouldn't need much in the way of training to be WW. Gadot is a model. She's super skinny, and very wimpy looking. They're not going to train that out of her, and I don't think she could do it anyway.

There are also other questions about Gadot, mostly about whether she has any acting ability. The character she played in Ff was basically the exact opposite of who WW should be, but even if Goyer is smart enough to write a good WW (which is only slightly more likely than my family dog growing wings and flying), I won't bet that Gadot has the ability to act the character. Then again, Cavil can't play Superman and Bale couldn't play Batman, so she's in good company.

From my perspective, Gadot is a very, very bad choice for the role, and she'll probably end up being one of the most miscast DC heroes in live action. Again, it doesn't really matter because its a Goyer movie and even an appropriate choice would almost certainly not be able to salvage the character, but it would have been nice for DC to try to get a good choice, and not hire a glorified extra from the F&F movies because she's attractive and cheap enough to offset Affleck's most likely huge paycheck. If nothing else, maybe she'll add some hilarity to the movie. Cavil is the boring, angsty guy. Affleck and his version of Batman is an unknown quality, and Gadot will be the one to laugh at as the model who is pretending to be Wonder Woman.
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