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Re: I never got the Akira class as a carrier.

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I always thought of the Akira-class as a heavy cruiser with about two or four torpedo launchers (15 just seemed way too fanboyish for me and I never bought into the idea of it being a carrier with dozens of fighters for the same reason). Sometimes even an original designer can get carried away, IMO...
Exactly, we have existing ships that are better carriers or battleships....Bigger Shuttlebay?= Nebula, Torpedo Cruiser?= Nebula. The Akira just based on the looks of her looks like a Miranda MK II, smaller versatile cruisers meant to be fielded in large numbers, probably as a replacement to the excelsior. really if the designer wanted it to be a viable should have been over a thousand meters long, of course it would have upstaged the ent-e in the battle scenes in first contact, so that couldn't be permitted.
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