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Re: College Football 2013

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The only thing I have an issue with is the attitude of most SEC fans. I have no problem ackowledging that they are the best conference in college football but it's gotten to the point now where SEC fans act like other schools couldn't even share the field with the SEC.
QFT, and I'm a fan of an SEC school.

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I'm not brokenhearted about the Tide's loss, either, but did it really have to be Oklahoma? I don't care for the Sooners one bit, and I was hoping to see Stoops eat his words after calling the SEC's dominance "propaganda." One conference can't win seven national championships in a row (and be in competition for an eighth) on good word-of-mouth alone! My loathing for Alabama has cooled in recent years due to my respect for Nick Saban, a coach I have admired since he was at Michigan State. It's Florida whose misery I always take great pleasure watching... especially their loss to Georgia Southern this season. Holy cow.
My loathing for Alabama has only grown, and they're the epitome of the swaggeringly obnoxious "S-E-C!!! S-E-C!!! S-E-C!!!" fans. I don't have any particular love for Oklahoma but watching Stoops' squad call out and then hammer the Tide was glorious.
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