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Re: Gal Gadot cast as Wonder Woman In ‘Batman Vs. Superman’

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12 seconds of googling.

Existing real picture of Gal Gadot Airbrushed into seeming to appear to be Wonder Woman.
I'm sold.
Wow, that is worse than I expected. I mean its not a real picture of her as WW, but she still looks like a skinny model (which, you know, she actually is) and there is nothing superhero about her. She might make a passable cosplayer I suppose, but she still looks like a stiff breeze could defeat her. The WW from that horrible pilot looked less wimpy than Gadot does, and she was a horrible WW. It took Bane to break batman's back, but I'm pretty sure a heavy backpack will break Gadot's.

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I always say that what I post is my opinion. But, everything is opinion. Everyone thinks their opinion is right, that's nothing new. I think she's a horrible Wonder Woman, but I've never tried to say others can't like her, I just post what I think, which just happens to not be the same opinion a lot of people have.
But how can you form an opinion when you haven't seen Gadot as Wonder Woman? We haven't even seen a trailer yet.

Seems like you have an uneducated opinion on many, many things.
Its no more invalid then people who assume she's going to be a good Wonder Woman with no evidence.

I got to laugh at "uneducated opinion". We're arguing about whether or not she'd be a good WW. That's not really something you can get "educated" in. I don't care how much she exercises, she won't be Wonder Woman. Exercise isn't some magic transformation. But, again, thinking it over, she's the WW this movie deserves, an extremely mediocre choice for an almost certainly medicore movie. They will just hopefully pull an Ed norton and get a better actress if they do a JL movie, at least if they do the JL movie without Goyer. If he does write it, they might as well use Gadot again. No use subjecting a good choice for WW to having to try to act in a Goyer DC movie.
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