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Re: The Walking Dead Season 2

Oh, man. Episode one was fantastic.


I think my favorite part was a small moment. After the cabin group finds that Clem has killed the walker that attacked her in the shed, one of the dialogue options was "Still. NOT. Bitten." Melissa Hutchison nailed that line perfectly - a sense of badassness that you wouldn't expect in a ten-year-old, with a touch of indignation that no one believed her story about being attacked by a dog.

My choices:
  • Saved Christa. No way in hell the Clem of season one would've abandoned a friend, so I wasn't going to have her do that here.
  • Killed the dog. Clem learned mercy from Lee.
  • Gave water to the dying man. See above.
  • Accepted Nick's apology. Doesn't mean she won't keep a wary eye on him; Lilly was quick on the trigger finger too, after all...
  • Saved Pete. Nick still had ammo and shouldn't have gotten boxed in as he did; Pete was bit and seemed to need help more immediately.
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