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Re: Star Trek: End of the 24th Century and Beyond Version 2.0

Part 13

The Felis enters an area where there are only pre-warp planets.

The Enterprise explores a distant sector.

The 235th member joins the Federation.

The Enterprise has a joint mission with a Commonwealth ship, investigating a possible threat to both nations…

The Felis encounters many Preserver planets.

At the Dyson Sphere, more civilisation's ally with the Federation.

The 236th member joins the Federation.

The Felis has an uneventful year in its journey.

A duplicate of the USS Voyager NCC 74656 arrives at the Federation. What is strange is that the ship appears to be the Voyager, it is definitely not from a parallel universe, and the surviving crew and their descendents are definitely who they say they are… The 2nd Voyager crew is shocked to discover that the original (?) Voyager had made it home 68 years earlier.

The Enterprise patrols the Federation-Tzenkethi border.

An exploration team finds clues as to the Dyson Sphere’s origins in the depths of the Sphere’s largest forest.

The Felis encounters more rumours of the threat it had heard of in its previous voyages….

A nation attacks the Typhon Pact and is swiftly conquered. They were unaware of the scale of the Pact.

The 238th member joins the Federation.

The Felis has many minor battles, when it encounters a syndicate of trading worlds that also engages in piracy.

The Enterprise begins a 2 year voyage of exploration.

A major diplomatic function is held at Gamma Station Three.

Another civilisation in the Dyson Sphere joins the Federation

The Felis returns to Federation space.

The Enterprise contacts many explorer ships from other civilisations.

The Federation gains its 240th member, a Klingon colony that had left the Empire. At this time the Federation and the Empire are still allies. The Enterprise explores a nebula near Commonwealth space.

The Voyager B begins a mission to search for more duplicates of the original Voyager. (To intercept them before they arrive at the Federation.)

The Felis undergoes a refit.

Starfleet begins to trace the journey of the Voyager duplicate.

The Enterprise F crew prevents a conspiracy from taking over the Federation, with the help of Section 31.

A Database on the sentient species that were originally seeded in the Dyson Sphere is discovered.

One of the Cardassian colonies that had left the Federation some years earlier rejoins the Federation.

The Enterprise makes a first contact near the Galactic rim.

Typhon Pact activity near the Dyson Sphere increases.

Miral’s son barely escapes from the destruction of the Alpha Flyer, and hitchhikes back to the Federation. It is later revealed that Section 41 was responsible for the destruction as he had been getting too close to a secret Commonwealth facility…

Anna decides to publish the account of her journeys.

The Felis is damaged in a battle and has to trade with a small Federation-like entity for repairs.

An outlying Tzenkethi world breaks away from the Coalition and the Typhon Pact.

In the Dyson Sphere, a cavern is found beneath its largest mountain. It contains a record of the Sphere’s history.

Some of the Cardassian colonies that had left the Federation a decade earlier rejoin.

A second Tzenkethi world breaks away from the Typhon Pact.
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