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Re: ENTERPRISE "Wherever You Will Go"

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The original Enterprise promos did use "Whereever You Will Go", which is why I assume the person who made the video used it. But honestly, although "Faith of the Heart" may not be a great song, its lyrics are fitting for Enterprise, so I think it's probably a better choice for the theme song.
I do remember the original promos using Wherever You Will Go. And to be honest it kinda spoke to me as an old Trek fan, that knew this show was going somewhere I never begged for it to go and didn't really care it was going there, that they (the producers) knew there were fans who didn't ask for this show, or didn't necessarily ask for this era show, but being trek fans, they hoped fans like me would go wherever they took it. Anyway... I never got into the show but I saw a couple episoes online last week and I am going to watch some more of it.
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