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Re: I never got the Akira class as a carrier.

Yes, that's all from Alex Jaeger, the designer. I have no problem with it, I like it, in fact. But I assume that those 15 tubes are slow, simple, robust tubes. Think of it like this: Il Duce in Boondock Saints wears a vest with a bunch of pistols, while most folks would carry a submachine gun. I figure the Akira can fire 15 torpedoes at once, at degraded fire control, but usually fires 3-5, just like the Galaxy & Sovereign do, but they put all 3-5 through one tube. This gives the more combat-intended Akira more back up capacity than the more exploration & multi-mission oriented Galaxy & Sovereign. And think of the Akira, not as a super-carrier, but as a Light Aviation Cruiser - like the Soviets, who built cruisers with a flight deck to add some aircraft. Figure your Akira is intended to bring a good punch and a little back up with a few fighters.
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