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Re: U.S.S. Curry and other ships from DS9

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Hey Dukhat, can you pester Dan Curry for some better pics of the Raging Queen specifically how the two hulls connect and what it looks like from underneath.
Sorry, no. I did that already not long after he sent me the pics, as I'm building a replica of it and also wanted to know how the two hulls connected. However, he never replied back to me after repeated emails, and he's not the best at quick responses (it took me literally years to get these pics from him). He was nice enough to send what he sent, and I don't want to pester him again, as he's a busy man and doesn't really have the time to answer a lot of fan emails (which I completely understand).

However, there is a photo of the Curry model taken for the Star Trek Magazine that shows the side of the ship, although the pic is quite small. But it does show that the Excelsior neck is what connects the two's just placed directly under the saucer.
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