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Re: Why Is Nemesis Unpopular?

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Instead the entire Trek franchise was swept up and tossed in the garbage, the name stripped away by execs with dollar signs in their eyes and re-used for a metrosexual reboot targeted at college kids.

"metrosexual" . . . huh?

And what's wrong with college kids? (Asks this card-carrying member of AARP.) Are the movies supposed to cater only to us aging fans? That sounds like a recipe for obsolescence to me.

(Heck, I was a college kid when TMP and TWOK came out. Didn't stop me from seeing them multiple times with all my college friends.)

And let's be honest here; general audiences do not go to Trek movies because they're hoping for an update on the aftermath of the Dominion War or whatever. That's the stuff of chat room debates, not major motion pictures.

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