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Re: Why Is Nemesis Unpopular?

The very first time )IIRC) we ever saw a wheeled vehicle in Trek and it has to be a Dune Buggy? Not only that, but you are racing against generic aliens who just happen to have their own dune buggies to chase you with?
The film almost lost me there.
Having a boring bad guy with misplaced motivation on yet another super-bad-guy ship.
Not having the courage to remove a major character when you decide to and having a convenient identical backup handy, but blank enough so if Data does emerge he you will not feel a loss- Lore is still dismantled and in storage- use his body with a backed up CPU if you want Data to return in the next film.
I liked the big space battle at the end, but then again I love big space battles every time. Having the enemy completely cloaked took a lot out of it- I want to see the ships moving and firing against each other, not a bunch of misses and watching Worf pounding the console in frustration.

For the final film it could have been so much more, I still watch it but with fast forward...
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