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Re: If you were bitten by a zombie

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The final episode of the first season established that the "you part" of the brain never comes back just the most basic, animal, functions of the brain. There's been some suggestion that some instinctual habits and/or memories may influence the zombie's actions but overall the zombies are walking corpses with no remains of the former person.

Hell, the idea that "the original person is gone" is pretty much the way zombies have worked in all forms of fiction, the zombies are purely active corpses with no awareness or real personality of their own.
Well, that helps. If my own actual consciousness (I don't just mean personality, I mean my actual consciousness and self-awareness) isn't involved, I guess it's not that bad. Kind of like the ultimate out-of-body experience, as it were.

That being said, I still wouldn't be too comfortable with a body out there that looks like me but is a zombie, even if my consciousness isn't trapped within it, so I'd probably still shoot myself.
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