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Re: ST Film Franchise By the Numbers (via

Oh, certainly. Television sales go up when you hit certain box office benchmarks, as per the deals the studios have with cable and other television outlets for their product (that's one of the reasons Paramount re-released World War Z as a double bill with Star Trek Into Darkness last summer, to push it over the $200 million mark).

The exhibitors' take is complicated. It used to be that each week a movie was in release, the exhibitor took a little bit more percentage-wise, which is one of the reasons why the opening weekend has been so important to distributors (where the split was something like 90-10 in their favor).

Apparently, those front-loaded deals have gone out of fashion in the past decade (after several theater bankruptcy cases circa 2000). Now exhibitors more often simply take a fixed percentage of the box office (between 45-50%). International exhibitors take more of that (as high as 60%).

None of that, of course, deals with marketing costs, which can be difficult (read: impossible) to calculate.
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