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Re: ST Film Franchise By the Numbers (via

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This list, of course, assumes that profitability at the box office is where studios make their money. They don't. They make it on television.
I hear tell doing well at the box office is pretty important both for recovering your production costs* and ensuring your movie will be popular enough to continue making money in other formats.

(* Not to mention the marketing costs, which are not known and not factored in the above, that's the real X factor. Exhibitor's take of the gross is another factor -- but I understand concessions and advertising to be the primary ways theatres make money, so I'm not sure how significant it really is. Be interesting to see if anyone here knows?)

(EDIT: HowStuffWorks has an interesting piece on movie budgets. According to them the cost of marketing is generally part of the production budget, and that reported production budgets can be... inexact.)
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